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Radio-Frequency Lesioning


Radiofrequency lesioning is a simple and safe treatment for Facet Joint degeneration. It is performed as an outpatient procedure in an operating room under fluoroscopic (x-ray) guidance and mild sedation. Using a specialized machine, pain signals to the specific areas of the spine involving the nerves to the facet joints are interrupted. Clinical data shows that this method is effective in providing lasting pain relief. Patients are encouraged to resume normal activities at their pace after the procedure.


Facet nerves are small nerves that branch out from larger spinal nerves exiting the spine. These nerves contain mostly sensory information. The nerves supply the facet joints, ligaments, skin, and small muscles at each segment. These are NOT the nerves that are responsible for movement of the extremities and sensation in the extremities.


The reason is unclear. The facet joints have been shown to be load bearing and stabilizing effect that prevents excessive rotation or forward slippage of the vertebral bodies. Stresses on the facet joints can occur by sudden or repeated lifting and twisting motions of the lower back or neck leading to irritation or injury. In the older population, arthritic changes may play a role in the development of facet syndrome.


Radiofrequency lesioning is performed in an operating room setting as an outpatient. You will be lying on your stomach. Both local anesthesia and a mild sedative may be used to minimize any discomfort during the procedure. Your cooperation is necessary during the sensory and motor stimulation process to aid in properly placing the lesioning electrode. Fluoroscopic control (x-ray guidance) is used to help ensure safe and correct placement of the needle. Once the needle is in the exact target area, a microelectrode is inserted through the needle to begin the stimulation process. During this process, your physician will ask you if you feel a tingling sensation. If there is stimulation down an extremity, the needle is moved to a different location before lesioning. When you feel stimulation locally and x-ray position is acceptable, lesioning is then performed. A small amount of current will travel through the electrode into the surrounding tissue and eliminate pain pathways. The procedure can take from about twenty minutes to a couple of hours. After the procedure, you will need a ride home. We advise patients to take it easy for a day or so after.


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When you serve notice, you can hand-deliver or send it to the other party, but you should allow time for the n otice to be delivered. ...

More about serving notices »

There are a number of different types of tenancies. Different rules apply to different types of tenancies. Rea d about the differences and work out which one is best for you. ...

More about types of tenancies »

In a boarding house, a tenant rents a room, rather than the whole house. They share facilities such as the kit chen and bathroom with the other tenants.A boarding house is occupied, or intended to be occupied, by at least six tenants at any time. ...

More about boarding houses »
Ministry of Business, Innovation, Employment
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The bottom line for renting a place of your own is simple. Get an agreement in writing with your landlord so there is no doubt as to what has been agreed to. Keep receipts of payments. Know your rights and obligations as a tenant.

Tenants and landlords are responsible for different tasks around the grounds of a property.

If you want to end a periodic tenancy, you must give the correct notice.

Our Renting and You booklet explains your basic rights and what you must do under New Zealand tenancy law (called the ‘Residential Tenancies Act’).

This form is for a landlord and tenant to fill in together before the tenant moves in. It sets out the key things the landlord and tenant agree to do, like when rent is paid, if pets are allowed, etc.

PDF 1 MB 12 pages

This form is for a landlord to gather information from a prospective tenant.

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Use this form at the end of a tenancy, to claim the bond lodged with Tenancy Services. It must be filled in and signed by the same people who signed the original Bond lodgement form.

PDF 672 KB

Use this form at the beginning of a tenancy. It records how much bond money the landlord has collected, and it is sent with the money to Tenancy Services to be held until the tenancy ends and the tenant moves out.

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Landlords must either complete this form or attach an insulation statement containing the same information.

We have been recently contacted by people wanting to donate money to Trademark so we have set up a local giving page. Given the precarious funding situation at present we welcome donations from individuals, union branches, community organisations and ethical organisations. For those of you who value the work of Trademark donations will help secure and develop our work. Click here to visit LocalGiving
Trade Union Education
Betty Sinclair Winter School 2013
Culture, Economy and the Contemporary City
UCD School of Social Justice – Equality Studies Centre

Trade Unions have a long and proud history of worker education. From the founding of Ruskin College in Oxford in 1899 to provide third level education for working class people, to the establishment of the Workers Educational Association in 1903, Trade Unions have been involved in the struggle to provide ‘second chance’ educational opportunities for people for many generations.

We provide courses for all union reps free of charge. Our courses are provided by accredited trade union tutors with many years experience in the trade union movement. Courses are accredited with the Open College Network. To see the latest programme of courses, GHIBI A046 Womens Sandals Schwarz MqTC5qrX4

Courses are accredited with the Open College Network. To see the latest programme of courses, click here in the trade union movement. Courses are accredited with the Open College Network. To see the latest programme of courses, click here .

The conference represents the culmination of the Trade Unions in Post Conflict Societies programme, funded by the SEUPB. The project seeks to explore, analyse and share learning from regions dealing with conflict with a focus on the role of trade unions in the development of shared and just societies.

This year’s conference will bring together trade unionists, activists and academics from Britain, Ireland, Iraq, Palestine, the Basque Country and Andalusia who will talk about the challenges faced by trade unions in societies in transition.

The conference will focus on:

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Labour and transition from conflict Labour rights as human rights Austerity and inequality Alternatives for transition

This one day symposium offers the opportunity to reflect upon and discuss the politics, economics and culture that are transforming Belfast, Derry and their environs.

The contemporary city is one which ceaselessly trades on and monetises its culture as commodity. We see this very explicitly in the cultural and creative industries, and in the emergence of an open competition between cities and regions as they continually seek to secure inward investment from significant global or transnational economic players. In this respect, the city is a crucial unit of economic and political analysis, showing us how transnational capital moves through particular spaces and places, how it transforms theses spaces and places accordingly. The question of how the particular cultures or forms of cultural production in a given city connect up to the economic forces that play through it is a hard one to pose with any real clarify and purpose. This is one of our key ambitions for this one-day symposium, bringing together, as it does, a range of scholars to talk about how culture and economy connect up in the contemporary city. New Balance MS574 DOA Black 95 WjQUtA

As part of an SEUPB Peace III funded programme ‘Trade Unions in Post Conflict Societies’ led by ICTU in partnership with Trademark we have designed a course entitled Continuing Professional Development Certificate in Social Justice – Trade Unions and Social Justice. This new development is designed to offer an accredited course designed to reconnect activists to trade union fundamentals in the context of an economy and society in transition. The course will be delivered by a combination of experienced trade union tutors and academics from the UCD School of Social Justice.

What accreditation does the course offer?

It is a 10 credit course at Level 8 of the National Qualification Framework and can be taken as the sole element of a Certificate of Continuing Professional Development. Read More…

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Home Medical Equipment



When mobility becomes a concern and a walker just isn’t enough, a wheelchair may be the next step to keeping your independence. Wheelchairs help you get around both inside and outside of your home. Commonly used to assist those with an injury or inability to walk on their own, there are many different wheelchair options available to accommodate varying ages (kids to adults), heights, weights and everyday lifestyle demands.

A wheelchair is meant to improve your life and help you get around easily, comfortably, and with added security. At Rotech, we work with your doctor to determine the best model - as well as provide continuous support, should you have questions or concerns about your equipment, its cleaning, or replacement.

There are two main types of wheelchairs your doctor may prescribe:

We take several key factors into consideration when working with your doctor to help ensure you get the wheelchair that is right for you. At Rotech, we evaluate how you will best benefit from your wheelchair on a day-to-day basis, determine the most comfortable style and fit for your body, evaluate how easily you are able to maneuver the wheelchair, get in and out of the chair and travel with it.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to picking the best wheelchair, so we will work diligently with you and your doctor to get it right the first time. We’ll educate you on the functions included with your wheelchair, ensure proper fitting and use to prevent injury, and discuss any additional accessories that may be beneficial for enhancing your overall wheelchair experience.

Our team at Rotech is with you each step of the way to make sure you have a thorough understanding of your wheelchair and that all the components are working together to keep you active and moving.

Wheelchairs Manual: Power Wheelchairs:

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Learn more about the wide variety of medical equipment we provide for your use at home, work, and leisure!

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